IT made REAL believes in the importance of a well working Backup & Disaster Recovery solution.

Too frequently we see businesses struggle to recover business critical data – whether file, application, or server based – while implementing a full fledged Backup & DR solution is truly affordable. ¬†It will provide you with a peace of mind. Don’t become a part of the disheartening business loss statistics out there.

Our backup and Disaster Recovery solution offers;

 –  Local Backup Appliance
 –  System Level Backups
 –  Application Aware Backups
 –  Hourly Snapshots
 –  Virtual Standby Machines
 –  15 Minute System Recovery
 –  Off-Site Synchronization
 –  Optional: Off-Site Virtual Standby Machines

Downtime for most companies is costly. We offer the solution at a truly affordable cost.